In accordance with the aim of the journal, the subject of the article should fall under one of the four thematic categories:

  1. Theoretical and applied aspects of kinesiology (Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology).  
  2. Scientific basis of motor function training in sports and recreation (Sport Sciences)
  3. Teaching, controlling and monitoring motor functions. Scientific basis, formation and evaluation of activity and physical fitness (Exercise Sciences) .
  4. Reviews, debates and discussions, historical elaborations, conference announcements, reports from conferences and congresses of the IASK and brief summaries of papers printed in foreign journals, book reviews on the theory of human motor skills and also, assessment of the current state and prospects for the development in anthropomotoric research achievements ( Varia).

Papers of high scientific value previously qualified for publication in another foreign journal may also be submitted, provided that the author obtains written consent to reprint the article from the foreign journal in which the text has been or will be published.