Articles submitted for publication by the IC Publishers Panel are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers . The names of the reviewers are not revealed . Authors and reviewers do not know each other’s identity (double - blind review process) .

The publisher reveals a list of reviewers to the public once a year, in the last issue of the quarterly journal.

Reviews are performed using the IC Publisher Panel review worksheet. Reviewers are required to formulate a clear conclusion regarding approval or rejection of an article for publication.

Reviewing procedures should be in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, which may be found on the following websites:

Appropriate Procedures of Reviewing in the Sciences:

Veracity in Scientific Research and Respect for Intellectual Property:

Ethical Principles of a Scientific Researcher: pracownika_naukowego_31.12._2012.pdf


Sheet review


List of reviewers:

Download this file (LIST OF REVEWIERS 2014.pdf)LIST OF REVEWIERS 2014.pdf[ ][1]41 kB
Download this file (LIST OF REVIEWERS 2013.pdf)LIST OF REVIEWERS 2013.pdf[ ][2]96 kB